Wren & Kelta Trivia

Kelta of Darias Clan Hair: blondeEyes: blueHeight: 5' 6"Birthday: February 2 Theme Song: "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis," by Ralph Vaughan Williams Family: Uncle Haias Ganat Likes: music, martial arts, quiet mornings alone Dislikes: prying questions, noisy crowds, people touching her without permission Gentle Wren Elspur Hair: blackEyes: brownHeight: 5' 10"Birthday: August 13 … Continue reading Wren & Kelta Trivia

The Destruction

"Sir!" called a voice from outside the tent. "Sir, it's starting!" Hanaskit bolted to his feet and flung his golden general's capelet over his shoulders without stopping to check that the fringe of red and green feathers lay smoothly. He paused only long enough to snatch his farseer from his desk and slip it into … Continue reading The Destruction

A Neborite Meal

Jump to Recipes -- Melon Curry -- Fried Vegetables -- Flatbread -- Coconut Peach Jelly -- Hot Chocolate You step through the archway into a courtyard garden. Flowering trees shade the flagstone paths, and small fountains trickle and bubble here and there, filling the whole space with the soft sound of running water. At the … Continue reading A Neborite Meal