A Neborite Meal

Jump to Recipes -- Melon Curry -- Fried Vegetables -- Flatbread -- Coconut Peach Jelly -- Hot Chocolate You step through the archway into a courtyard garden. Flowering trees shade the flagstone paths, and small fountains trickle and bubble here and there, filling the whole space with the soft sound of running water. At the … Continue reading A Neborite Meal

The Drachon

“Keltorax!” Kelta shouted. The men aboard the ship spun around, looking for the owner of the voice, and spotted Kelta standing down on the pier. They gave her curious looks that changed to stares as they saw what she wore around her neck. “I have a letter for Haias Ganat,” she said calmly, but keeping … Continue reading The Drachon

Sun Cakes

Pretty unwrapped the scrap of paper to reveal the steaming sun cake, with a sunburst cut into its top and raisins embedded in the center. Her mouth started watering at the scents of butter and honey and spices. Her family could never afford to bake with spices, so Pretty only tasted ginger and pepper once … Continue reading Sun Cakes