Kelta of Darias Clan

Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 5′ 6″
Birthday: February 2

Theme Song: “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis,” by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Uncle Haias Ganat

Likes: music, martial arts, quiet mornings alone
Dislikes: prying questions, noisy crowds, people touching her without permission

Gentle Wren Elspur

Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5′ 10″
Birthday: August 13

Theme Song: “Freedom Battle,” by Michael W. Smith

Father Gavin Elspur
Mother Geraldine Cavender Elspur
Brother Gallant Elspur
Uncle Treman Cavender

Likes: drinking with friends, playing cards, sailing fast in a strong wind
Dislikes: condescending people, incompetent leaders, spicy food

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