The Drachon

“Keltorax!” Kelta shouted. The men aboard the ship spun around, looking for the owner of the voice, and spotted Kelta standing down on the pier. They gave her curious looks that changed to stares as they saw what she wore around her neck. “I have a letter for Haias Ganat,” she said calmly, but keeping … Continue reading The Drachon

Sun Cakes

Pretty unwrapped the scrap of paper to reveal the steaming sun cake, with a sunburst cut into its top and raisins embedded in the center. Her mouth started watering at the scents of butter and honey and spices. Her family could never afford to bake with spices, so Pretty only tasted ginger and pepper once … Continue reading Sun Cakes

Final Draft!

Yesterday I finished the second-to-last draft of The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine, which brings me into the final push to get the book published by December. I have a number of readers helping me proofread and polish the manuscript right now; while they comment on the book, I'm going to spend most of November … Continue reading Final Draft!

Release Dates!

Ever since my decision to self-publish, I've been working hard on editing and illustrating my current writing project, and I've finally been able to nail down release dates! It's a daunting step to make the plan public and lock myself into the schedule I've set, but here we go. First I'll be releasing a short … Continue reading Release Dates!

On Publication

After years of practice writing and partial drafts, I finally have a complete book that's (almost) ready to go out into the world, so I've been thinking a lot about publication recently. In particular, I've been looking at the big dilemma that authors face these days: do I submit to publishing companies or do I … Continue reading On Publication

Style Quest

I had the incredible privilege this past weekend of receiving some critique and advice on my artwork from the amazing artists Dan dos Santos and Howard Lyon when I met them at Jordan Con. One of the biggest things they said was that I need to find my style or my artistic language: I've been … Continue reading Style Quest