Ever since my decision to self-publish, I’ve been working hard on editing and illustrating my current writing project, and I’ve finally been able to nail down release dates! It’s a daunting step to make the plan public and lock myself into the schedule I’ve set, but here we go.

First I’ll be releasing a short story, “Magic and Motor-Cars, or How a Fairy Moved Up in the World.” Pretty Pinchworth, a young fairy girl from a poor family, is determined to do whatever it takes to learn how to drive a newly invented magical motor-car and earn a better place for herself in life. Along the way, she gains more than just a new skill. The text version of this story will be available for free on Kindle and on my website on October 3, just two weeks from today! The audio recording will be available for free on Audible on October 17.

At the end of the year, I’ll be releasing my first novel, The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine. Steam technology is being replaced by powerful new engines fueled by dragon bones and operated by fairies. But change never comes easily. When a dragon-bone locomotive mysteriously explodes, the Royal Investigative Service sends Agents Beka Finley and Lester Donovan to find the culprit. Their investigation leads them into a maze of corporate rivalries, politics, and fairy rights activism, and they quickly realize that the destruction of a train is only the beginning of a much larger chain of events. If everything goes to plan, the Kindle and print versions of this novel will be for sale on Amazon starting December 5, with the Audible version available for purchase on December 19.

I’m really excited to finally finish a writing project and send it out into the world! I’ll be posting previews of illustrations and updates about my final draft, layout, and audio recording process on social media. If you’re interested in keeping up with my progress, follow my writing on facebook or instagram.

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