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prettyComing Soon! “A Driver’s Education.” A young fairy girl will do whatever it takes to learn how to drive a newly invented magical motor-car and to earn a better place for herself in life. This short story will be available for free on Kindle and Audible in October 2020.

IMG_20200803_063647_090Coming Soon! The Royal Investigative Service. Steam technology is being replaced by powerful new engines fueled by dragon bones and operated by fairies. But change never comes easily. When a dragon-bone locomotive mysteriously explodes, the Royal Investigative Service sends Agents Beka Finley and Lester Donovan to find the culprit. Their investigation leads them into a maze of politics, corporate rivalries, and fairy rights activism, and they quickly realize that the destruction of a train is only the beginning of a much larger chain of events.

About the World: learn more about the world and the characters in “A Driver’s Education” and in my upcoming Royal Investigative Service novels. Look here for illustrations, trivia, and more.