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Magic & Motor-Cars: or How a Fairy Moved Up in the World (A Short Story from Keldane)
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Pretty Pinchworth, a young fairy girl from a poor family, is determined to move up in the world by learning to drive a newly invented magical motor-car. But when one instructor after another refuses to teach a girl, Pretty decides to take matters into her own hands. With help from one of the boys in the driving class, Pretty sets out to earn her driver’s certification without an instructor — and along the way, she finds a relationship she didn’t expect.

cover 4The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine
Book One of the Royal Investigative Service
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Dynamite couldn’t cause such a big explosion. It must be something worse, Agent Beka Finley is sure of it. As she and her partner investigate the devastating train crash, she’s convinced the train was sabotaged. But everyone seems bent on persuading her it was an accident. Just like the crash that killed her father six years ago. Determined to protect more lives from the growing unrest between humans and fairies, Beka puts her own life and reputation on the line to find the truth. But that truth might lead to more questions than answers.

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