Kelta is a senior student aboard the Taxian warship Keltorax. She’s cunning, cool-headed, and a deadly warrior. Since a personal tragedy sent her fleeing to the sea, she’s been wary and withdrawn, cut off from everything she once loved and robbed of all her dreams for the future. Kelta’s unexpected friendship with Wren helps her learn to trust again and provides her with one unwavering ally as she prepares to get revenge on both old and new enemies.


Wren is an officer aboard the Ellondese frigate Jubilant. He’s outgoing, confident, and a skilled navigator. Trapped under the command of a tyrannical captain, Wren grows increasingly angry and unhappy until unjust orders force him to choose between his duty and his conscience. His connection with Kelta offers him a path to a better life, a future where he has a chance to master his forbidden magic and do more good than he ever could have managed in the navy.