Keldane Map
Keldane is a smallish country bounded to the north by the Cathrik Mountains and to the south by the Gulf of Arivan. The land is lush but otherwise poor in resources, and Keldane has struggled to enter the modern era with no productive iron or coal mines. The countries to the east, Arborna and Elimare, sell Keldane metal and limited amounts of coal, but forward-thinking Keldians have realized that their nation needs a different power source for the long term. The answer comes in the form of dragons.
Dragons are a localized species: they build their hives in Keldane, the Cathrik Mountains, and the western Blastlands, but they haven’t spread to any other parts of the world, making them a unique resource. For many years, dragon bones have been used in Keldane to store and redirect energy in mills and simple machinery, but these past few years, scientists and inventors have been working to create new dragon-bone engines to equal the power and precision of steam engines.
Last year, the first successful dragon-bone engine was tested. Six months ago, magically powered motor-cars began appearing on the streets. Two months ago came the most important innovation yet: dragon-bone locomotives. The new engines are much more efficient than steam-powered locomotives, and many people are already hailing them as the future of industry and the beginning of a great technological leap forward. However, not everyone shares an appreciation for the new engines; some even want to see them destroyed.