The First Book of the Shallic Sea Chronicles

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Kelta’s life on a small clan warship has given her peace and anonymity, and a way to fight through her grief. But when her ship is called upon to search for a missing ambassador, Kelta can no longer remain safely in the shadows. Will she sacrifice her future for her family, or will she let the mission fail and keep her secrets?

Barred from studying magic, Wren Elspur’s only way to advance is to join the Navy. Passing his lieutenant’s exam should put him on the fast track for promotion, but a tyrannical captain and an alliance with the southern savages pit his conscience against his career.

When Wren and Kelta’s ships find evidence of slavers working in international waters, they must put aside their cultural differences and work together to rescue hundreds of innocents bound for the slave-markets. But there’s more going on behind the slave trade. As an ancient evil stirs in the west, Kelta and Wren find themselves fighting side by side in the opening moves of a war they don’t yet understand.

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